About Us

It all happened out of luck. Billy Foster, Pittsburg, Ks. resident one day decided on a whim to create a smokey hot sauce. He threw some ingredients together and out came Smokey Bros Smoked Hot Sauces. We did not have a whole lot of thoughts except for “wow, that is really good hot sauce!” We thought it was so good that we would share it with our friends and family.

To our surprise, everyone that tried it, loved it just as much as we did! We can truly say it is the most versatile hot sauce we have ever tried. Smokey Bros is delicious on eggs, pizza, any meat, ramen noodles, mixed with ranch, and believe it or not...cinnamon rolls. It just adds the perfect amount of smokey and spice to make everything nice!

After getting positive review after positive review, we decided to properly produce Smokey Bros so we could share it with as many people as possible. We also have several new flavors in the pipeline that we cannot wait to share as well.

We are always open for feedback, so please give it a try and let us know what you think. We know you will love it!